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Cute Cat Shoes!

I am totally in love with these adorable shoes that I got from my sponsor Sammy Dress.You can find them here.

Unfortunately they are too small but I can still admire them from afar. They are beautiful quality too I just wish they fit. Perhaps I can get them stretched?

XO Ilana

6 Jewellery Trends for 2014


It’s not surprising that vintage jewellery is hotter than ever. This year’s trends make a statement about who we are and how we choose to live our lives. Rhinestone earrings, glittering pendants, layered bracelets, and rings rule.  The simple fact is that the retro look has never gone out of style. For several decades, women have loved delicate and sensational pieces that add glamour and allure. Custom and costume jewellery, as well as beaded, sequined, and jewelled handbags have inspired women for generations. The beauty of it is that vintage glam is about the individual, as the following six jewellery trends reveal.

Vintage Emerald and Jade:
Vintage appeal is built around semi-precious gems, crystals, sequins, beads, and a variety of silk and textured fabrics. One of this season’s top trends includes green emeralds, jade, sapphire, garnets, crystal, and/or tourmaline. A reflection of nature, green represents luck, tranquillity, health, and desire. Majestically cut, emerald designs like those found at Michael Hill jewellery sales online are timelessly captured in square, rectangular, teardrops, round, and oval shapes.

Ageless Yellow Diamonds:
Yellow diamond rings have been trending for several months. Seen on supermodels and actresses, yellow diamonds project power and individuality. Simple yet captivating, diamonds of fancy vivid, dark, and deep yellow are breathlessly alluring. Along with retaining their retro charm, natural yellow diamonds generally cost a little less than pure white diamonds.
Cocktail Rings and Gemstones:
Colourful and exotic, the fifties and sixties are alive and centre stage! Beautiful and intoxicating, cocktail rings offer a vibrant collection of semi-precious and costume stones. In blue topaz, turquoise, lilac amethyst, and lemon quartz… cocktail rings will light up any evening!

Classic Black Diamonds:
Understated simplicity speaks volumes. Black diamonds are not only gorgeous, they are stunning. Vintage styles speak of 007 and velvet nights, the ideal mate for that darling black little dress and stiletto heels. Stately yet discreet, black diamonds are unparalleled within both yellow and white-gold earring, ring, and necklace settings.

Orchid and Orange Pop:
Fuchsia, purple-pink, and orange seem to jump out from the pages of vintage Vogue. A favourite from the sixties and seventies, and the 2014 colour choice, pinks and tangerines sizzle.

Drop and Stud Earrings:
Take diamonds and gems to the next level with this year’s earring trends. Drop-sets and chandeliers are eye-catching and lovely, while simple studs get the message across in a slightly more understated manner. Elegant earrings add vintage charm, tailored to match any wardrobe. No longer confined to simple white diamonds and pearls, retro studs and drops are designed with gem clusters, coloured rhinestones, twists, and swirls.

Classic Art and Nouveau:
These six jewellery trends include colour, stones, and settings that reflect the past while forecasting the future. Today it is easy to buy jewellery online that flawlessly blends vintage style with contemporary panache, creating fashion statements as exclusive and splendid as they were forty, fifty, and sixty years ago!