My Top 5 Must-Have Books for Christmas

As a writer I find myself reading all of the time. I always find that in order to write better you should always be reading and absorbing knowledge.

Some of my favourite authors include Stephen King, David Eddings, and Cassandra Clare. I definitely enjoy fantasy novels or thrillers best as I find they are easy to get absorbed into. Sometimes it is fun living in a fantasy world that you would otherwise never be apart of. The best writers allow you to do this.

On another note I recently checked out Bookworld for some Christmas gift ideas and got distracted by some books I really want for Christmas. Here is my top 5.

As a fan of the TV show Girls I would love to get my hands on Lena’s first essay book about her life so far. I think she’s the type of writer you either love or hate. She’s never afraid to talk or write about anything so even if you don’t like her you gotta admire her spirit.

I get pretty damn excited when Mr King publishes a new book and this one is no exception. Although some of his more new work hasn’t been as good as the older stuff, the topic of life after death is always something fun to read about.

I’ve actually read this book but it makes a great gift for anyone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to get his or her hands on this yet. The book is well written, suspenseful and easy to read. I am definitely a lover of Ms Flynn’s writing style and hope to read more of her books as they come out.

Definitely on my summer reading list, I am excited to read this novel about a young women whose life was turned upside down when her brother apparently murdered her entire family.

Not gonna lie, I am a sucker for YA- fiction. Nothing is better than a love story that doesn’t work out perfectly. Having already seen the film I am definitely looking forward to reading the book. 

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