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Top 5 Summer Festival Items

Nothing says summer more than heat, music and outdoors festivals. I am a huge lover of festival clothing (minus cut-offs) and see nothing wrong with wearing boots in the sweltering heat. Here is my top 5 items list. Which is your favourite?

1. A Plaid Shirt or Flannel Shirt (buy it here)

Hipster much they say? I am in love with this little beauty

2. A Cute Cross Body Bag (buy it here)

This bag is so cute and best of all it is vegan!

3. Some chic boots (buy them here)

Super chic and super comfy- perfect for standing all day!

4. A floppy hat (buy it here)

Slip slop slap ins style

5. Some retro sunnies (buy them here)

Go for the Ray Bans. I always do :)


More fabulous footwear for vegan fashonistas

The New Year is here so it’s the perfect time to realise those ambitions you’ve always harboured to try the vegan lifestyle.  Of course, the biggest challenge will be changing your diet. Start afresh by clearing the house of animal-based products and researching vegan recipes so you’re equipped for the challenges ahead.
That said, committing yourself to being vegan doesn’t just apply to the kitchen; having a wardrobe full of leather and suede is a contradictory to the values of this lifestyle. And while it’s not always plausible in a financial sense to get rid of all of your existing items, you can vow to not buy any animal products from now on.

Cast your mind back just a few short weeks and you may recall reading my post on vegan Doc Martens.
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the vegan fashion industry: a popular one is that the items can’t compete with the trends and style of the wider industry. I beg to differ. I mean, just take a look at the examples from the PETA Vegan Fashion Awards 2013, which includes pieces from world-famous designers including the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker and Stella McCartney.

And it’s not just the big designers (with the equally big price tags) who cater for us vegan fashionistas.
Take a look at the range of knee high boots available from Spy Love Buy. They’re a UK-based retailer, but deliver around the world. The selection includes some fabulous faux leather and suede-style boots, including this gorgeous pair, which won’t break the bank – or your passion to be kind to the world.

(Knee High Slough Riding Boots, Black Suede Style, £32.95, available from Spy Love Buy)

Ever considered how the contents of your makeup bag are holding back your ambitions to become a vegan? If you’re concerned that you’re harbouring products that have been tested on animals or even include animal-based products, check out this article from PETA. It includes some great suggestions for giving your makeup bag a vegan makeover. 

XO Ilana

New-season vintage-inspired accessories

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already raided the January sales and bagged a few bargains that you didn’t necessarily need, but most definitely wanted!
However, while I love picking up a deal or two, I hate feeling like I’m wearing last season’s clothes. Rather than return my haul, I’ve decided to invest in some simple yet effective accessories to make my look 2014-ready.

No accessories post would be complete without some to-die-for arm candy. A new season calls for a new handbag, and this white Jet Set Medium Tote bag from the Michael Kors range at Psyche is an ideal choice. Crafted from super-soft Saffiano leather, the navy spotted scarf detail gives the bag a vintage edge and has a great summery vibe. It is a little expensive, but it’s perfect for everyday use. Add to any outfit and, with a slick of red lipstick, you can channel classic 50s glamour in an instant.

A great way of reworking any outfit is by simply updating your jewellery. You can pick up some fabulous vintage-inspired pieces without breaking the bank. Take this ASOS Vintage Filgree ring, for example. I have fallen in love with the elaborate style and faux pearl and stone detailing; at only $15.24, I can hardly resist!

Masculine, retro-style watches are bang on trend at the moment. To add a vintage feel and easily revamp your look, pick up a classically-inspired timepiece. ASOS has a great selection of affordable watches, but if you’re looking for something more authentic, take a look at the Casio retro collection.

Nail Polish
Over the festive season, sparkly, dark-coloured and metallic nail polishes were our best friends. However, with spring hot on our heels, it’s all about the pastel shades. In the summer, I’ll be wearing pretty lemon and lilac colours, but for now I’ll be rocking a muted and understated beige, like this one from Topshop. It’s the perfect accompaniment to my vintage style.

XO Ilana


Mink Pink Kaleidoscopes Dress

Outfit details: Mink Pink Dress (from ASOS- no longer available), Black Mimco Button Bag, Tan Heels by Hush Puppies (from Amazon).

So this dress was on my ASOS wishlist for like 4 months I think? The original price was around $96 Australian which was way too expensive in my mind. I took advantage of the sales ASOS had back in October (I think?) where they had 30% off including sales items so I managed to get this little number for around $45!

So far I have worn it 4 times already which is a lot considering the amount of dresses I own. It has become one of my go to pieces now as it is light, cool, looks good with any shoes and is so easy to throw on.

Do you have dresses that you wear all the time?

XO Ilana

Give Your Home a New Lease of Life

Many people are already deciding if 2014 is the year in which they‘ll move home but with house prices still on the rise, many simply can’t afford to. So is the answer to wait until house prices are at a more affordable level? You could, but chances are you’ll be waiting for a very, very long time. Historically, houses are one of the few things that don’t decline in value and that trend probably isn't going to change anytime soon. This does not mean however that your dreams of a new home or change of environment for that matter are thwarted altogether. More and more people are choosing to rejuvenate their existing houses. It is cheaper than moving house and with the right changes, your existing home can feel like a whole new space altogether.

Get Your Paint Brush Out

It is the most obvious of changes you can make to any room, but that is because altering your colour scheme is one of the most cost-effective, yet transforming things you can do to your home. It can be as simple as painting the walls a different colour or adding some strategically placed columns of wallpaper. This not only serves to cover up any marks or issues that have occurred over the years but the new paint also makes the room feel fresh and new. Why not try ‘Radiant Orchid’, which is Pantone Color Institute’s colour of the year for 2014 – it’s purple, for those of you who didn't know. Another quick trick to bring new life to old walls is to add artwork. Something like vintage canvas prints or vintage posters are a fantastic addition to any room and an inexpensive option for homeowners.

Transform the Mood with Lights

One of the best ways to transform the atmosphere of any room is to change the lighting. It may be the case that your room is over-whelmed by brilliant white spotlights that create a clinical atmosphere. You don’t have to remove them, but why not add a few table lamps instead to soften the mood. You can even try experimenting with different colour bulbs to create a softer ambiance. A great trick for making your kitchen feel different is to top-light the cupboards. This adds a soft glow and is perfect for when you want to relax with a glass of wine.

Don’t forget the Floor

People can get carried away buying new lamps, wallpaper, lighting and other accessories to revamp their tired rooms but they often overlook the flooring. Maybe your existing carpet won’t match your new walls or perhaps it’s just worn out already. Either way, you have a number of options in terms of flooring available. Many people are choosing to do away with carpets altogether and opting for wooden floors. They are easy to clean and hard-wearing; what more do you want in a floor? Another option is to revitalise existing carpets with the introduction of new rugs. They can be used to cover up stains or simply to avert peoples’ eyes from your existing carpet.

Vegan Doc Martens

Hi guys. So I decided to start becoming vegan this year. Of course I have heaps of leather shoes so will probably never be a true vegan until they are gone but on my budget I don't have the option of replacing all of my shoes.

I recently purchased some vegan purple Dr Martens. I haven't received them yet but I am super excited and cannot wait to do a review on them.

Anyway this is what they look like- pretty sweet huh?

I also wrote to Dr Martens and asked them if any of the other styles are vegan in particular the velvet or canvas versions. Thought I would share the response for those that are interested:

The canvas and velvet ones have leather trim and insoles.  We do have a line of truly Vegan styles, though.  Just search for Vegan on our website to see them.  

Consumer Relations Dept.
Dr. Martens E-Commerce LLC
Tel:          1-800-810-6673  

Happy New Year!

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petty boots sam edelman


Outfit details: Grey dog top from Modcloth, Skirt from Target (old, burgundy tights from ASOS, steampunk necklace handmade by me, Sam Edelman Petty boots

Hi Everyone. Hope you had a great intro to 2014. For me I spent some time with my family and pets and went to bed pretty early. Sigh, I remember being up all night till 5am for New Years Eve parties when I was younger.

So this outfit is from November I think? I can usually gauge when outfits are from by the colour of my hair lol. I didn't keep this copper colour for too long though as it was a bitch to stay that colour. I do miss it though.

So one of my resolutions was to become vegan. Right now I am settling for vegetarian (as in no dairy or meet products or seafood). I really want to focus a lot more on animal rights this year as it is a big passion for me.

I wanted to become vegan but it is fairly restrictive. I mean I do have a lot of leather shoes that I cannot yet afford to replace. I am also selling some of my leather bags and shoes on ebay.

However I did pledge that I am no longer buying any leather or animal products as of 1 January 2014. I am also in the process of clearing out any beauty or cleaning/household products that are not animal friendly. 

Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

XO Ilana


New Year- New Body Jewellery

I remember when I got my navel piercing. It was a few days after a bad break-up. I wanted to try something new so wallah body piercing.
New years is another time where people like to try new things. I think it would be pretty cool to get a ear cartilage earring. I think it would be pretty cool to get a ear cartilage earring (like this one). My friend has one and it looks pretty neat!

Here are some girls rocking some cartilage earrings.