One Necklace Product Review

I was recently sent a beautiful name necklace which I gave to my friend to review. Here is her review below and she loves the necklace!

This is a wonderful personalised necklace! Good website with lots of choice of styles.
Delicate, fine silver chain and nice lettering. Lovely option to add gemstones (ie. birthstones) for that extra special gift.
Prices are good for personalised, everyday jewellery. I am really happy with the product and service!

They are also offering My Modern Vintage readers 10% off with your order so get in quick!
Coupon code: mymodernvintage

XO Ilana

Autumn Must Haves 2014

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With Autumn fast approaching (although it doesn't feel like it yet!) it is almost time to bring out the coats, jumpers and boots.
Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year as I don't like the heat of Summer.
So today I have put together a little must have list for Autumn. Which one is your favourite?

1. Cute long-line sweater

2. Some nice flat boots

3. A pretty scarf

4. A warm coat

5. Some black leggings

XO Ilana

What do you like on Valentine's Day?

With Valentine's Day fast approaching many couples are still stumped on the perfect gift or outing to give to their partner. Being single means I don't have to worry about this at all (yay!) but if I did I would probably think that a nice dinner at home with some DVDs would be just perfect. I'm not really one for gifts and much prefer experiences over gifts that I really don't need.

A recent survey found that the majority of men and women would prefer a romantic night or Valentine's Day as opposed to more expensive gifts.

I found this really interesting as this is also what I prefer. What do you like for Valentine's Day - a night out, a romantic evening at home or some flowers and jewelry?

XO Ilana


Wearing: White babydoll dress from Tree of Life (Xmas present from mum); tote bag from Typo; black cage sandals - Lily by Windsor Smith

Hi Friends I hope you're well. I know you must be so tired of my sporadic posting but it truly is difficult keeping up these days.
Also I haven't had time to write back/keep up with other blogs so I fully accept the fact that this means less/no comments for me. It is hard being a blogger.
Also I now have a new cat. Her name is Violet and she is so cute only 10 months old. Bella is adjusting slowly and it may take some time as Bella is 6 now.
XO Ilana

Fashion Friday: Grunge Chic

I'm going for a grunge meets chic theme this week. Love these looks and these amazing blogs!

Image sources: 1  2  3  4  5

From Dark Hair to Blonde Hair in One Day

It's kind of sad as I wont be able to go back blonde again after this as my hair is way too damaged. I will pretty much be spending most of the weekend with treatments in my hair.

I did however managed to go from dark to blonder in one day. It was actually easy as the colour I had in my hair was just a pigment and there was bleach sitting underneath it. I just used a 30 creme developer and blue bleach powder. I added some highlights first, washed them out after 30 mins and then re-bleached with the assistance of my mum. I then left it for 30-40 mins and then washed it out. I then toned it and left the toner in for 20 mins with a plastic bag to keep the heat in. After this I washed it out. Shampooed and conditioned and then used the Delorenzo Equilibrium treatment for 20 mins. Washed this out and this is what I was left with.

So yeah it is a bit of a process and I don't recommend doing it but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Now just to re-tone and treat on the weekend!

XO Ilana


Wearing: Mink Pink Kaleidoscope Dress from Asos// Black Charter School Cardigan from Modcloth// Green flats by Therapy

Yes my hair was copper last year. Only for a few weeks though as it was so difficult to maintain. Red hair is definitely my favourite colour it's just so expensive and time consuming!
If only I had been born with red hair. Natural red heads don't even realize how lucky they are!

XO Ilana

Furniture Makeovers Before and After

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted in a while but have been busy with new lifestyle. Being vegan is hard work and involves a lot of cooking, research etc. I know it will be all worth it in the end.

Anyway as promised here are some of my furniture makeovers that I did late last year. I pretty much redecorated my entire house but am still not 100% there yet. I am pretty much broke until March so can't afford paint etc so need to make do at the moment.

Here are the before and afters. I hope you like them!


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