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3 Easy Outfits For Those Days You Just Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

Getting out of bed in the mornings is the worst, am I right? It seems there are just not enough incentives in the world to make waking up in the morning just a little bit okay. But alas, although nobody really wants to, we all have to get out of bed at some point. And then we have to get dressed and prepare for the day – no matter what it brings. Sometimes picking out an outfit is much more stress inducing than we’d like to let on. Am I in the mood for a sundress or a romper? Do I like this colour on me today? Flats or wedges? The questions, in conjunction with the possibilities, are endless. And the multitude of options and indecisions make for quite the hectic morning.

That’s why I’m here today. I hate getting out of bed just as much as the next girl, so I know the struggle that comes with choosing an outfit when the last thing you want to do is get dressed. Luckily, there are quite a few fashions out there that are early-morning friendly, yet look like you spent hours deliberating. Below are three no-fuss outfits that are just as easy as they are stylish; refer to this list the next time you’re having a mind block about what to wear. And thank me later!

1.The No-Hassle Dress

Cosmo said it, not me: “Get a work uniform and be done with it. A shift dress is the easiest thing in the world.” Although I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree. Not only do shift dresses look put-together and polished, but they leave extra room for those days that you’re feeling extra hungry or not-so glamourous. Either way, a dress is a simple on-and-off item that will work wonders for your fashion reputation even while you’re sleeping at the conference table.

2. The Romper

Rompers come in at a close second for easiest garment to wear – just behind dresses, of course. The only thing that make rompers just a tad more complicated is the whole undressing part when you need to use the toilet. Other than that, though, these one-piece wonders are perfect for an easy outfit that packs a lot of personality. Rompers come available in all kinds of styles, so one is sure to suit your fancy. If you need assistance, this article helpfully gathered a gamut of rompers for every occasion.

3. Skirt & Hat Combo

Play up the girlishness and trick everyone into thinking you tried with your outfit. A skirt automatically gives the impression that you’re putting in extra effort, and top your greasy hair with a chic hat, and you’ve really got them fooled! There’s no sense in doing your hair when you’ll likely just replenish your bedhead as soon as you return home. Try a trendy, yet comfortable, skirt option like a flirty floral piece, and offset the feminine vibe with a cool Western wide-brim topper. Plenty of inspiration can be found in the lists this website compiles for confused, comfort-conscious shoppers like us.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea – Get Her Flowers!

So you may be a last minute man (or woman) and that’s ok. It happens to all of us and occasionally we just become so time poor that things like Christmas gifts for love ones take a back seat over seemingly more important issues.

But with Christmas just a few days away you better start making that list and checking it twice! Fortunately I have done some of the hard work for you!
If you are like me and extremely fussy when it comes to flowers (for yourself and others) then I have found the place for you!

Flowers For Everyone is literally just that – a flower shop for everyone! Whether it’s a gift for your mum, wife, colleague or just for yourself, this shop has it covered, and for a reasonable price too!
I have listed some of my favourites below based on what I believe would be suitable for different people but feel free to check out the website yourself and grab a bargain!

For Mum
My mum likes delicate flowers so I have picked this beautiful bouquet for her. It’s just perfect and so pretty too.

For Nanna
My nan loves gerberas so this is the perfect floral arrangement for her. I might even put through an order right this second!

 The Colleague
Got a colleague who’s celebrating a birthday around Christmas. Don’t let them miss out. This beautiful orchid would be the perfect touch.

The girlfriend/wife/significant other
Pink peonies! Perfect for the love in your life!

Let me know how you go with your Christmas shopping in the comments below!

The Perfect Vintage Wedding Theme

With 2016 just around the corner many people are gearing up for fun-filled summer weddings. A friend of mine recently got engaged and although the wedding is a bit far away she is really wanting to go for a rustic or vintage theme.

So being the good friend that I am, I decided to conduct some research into designing the perfect rustic/vintage wedding bouquet. After all, the flowers are super important especially to the lucky lady who wins the bouquet toss.
I came across Tesselaar Flowers, an Australian company that delivers wholesale flowers market-fresh nationwide. I really enjoyed poking through their wedding floral style guide which gave me some pretty cool ideas to put to my friend.

1.     The floral wreath

First of all I know she loves floral hair wreaths so picked this one to suggest to her. Super pretty, feminine and just the right touch of vintage style.

2.     The bouquet

There’s nothing more gorgeous than soft pinks and muted whites. I think this lovely bouquet will be a perfect addition to the vintage/rustic wedding theme.

3.     The décor

Nothing screams rustic like some well put together floral décor! Throw in some rustic items like some vintage crates and you have yourself a winner!

Let me know how you would style a rustic/vintage wedding theme in the comments below!

Why the 1920s and 1930s are so popular right now


Wherever you look at the moment, whether it's in music, fashion or films, you're unable to escape pieces of work that have been inspired by the 1920s and 30s. But since most of us weren't alive nearly 100 years ago, why are we all getting so nostalgic about the 20s and 30s?

Probably one of the big reasons this era has been so popular is thanks to the American period drama Boardwalk Empire. The HBO series is set in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the famous Prohibition era. HBO took a real risk on this programme, as the pilot episode which was directed by Martin Scorsese, cost $18 million to produce. But their risk paid off, as audiences fell in love with lavish nature of the darker side of politics portrayed by Steve Buscemi. The show premiered back in 2010, but like a lot of cult shows it didn't begin to have a big, worldwide following until the series ended last year.

The success of that show led the way for the successful remake of The Great Gatsby in 2013. The movie really embraced the glamour we all love about that era, following the life of millionaire Jay Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The attention to the period was an important part of the movie's success, so much so that the film won both Best Production Design and Best Costume design at the Oscars.

Since then so many different genres have been inspired by the 1920s and 1930s. Some of the world's biggest artists like with Bang Bang and Beyonce with Dance For You have made the era sexy with their 1920s themed music videos. It's also had a big impact on the clothes we buy on the high street, with the likes of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel and Colleen Moore clearly inspiring a lot of fashion designers.

The Roaring 20s have even made a big impact on gaming. The popularity of the decade has inspired casino website Royal Vegas Casino to launch their own Golden Era online slot. The new game has brought a bit of old Hollywood glamour to the world of casino games. Pull back the red curtains that surround this slot machine and you'll find a game that wouldn't look out of place in the era. The iconic characters of the glamorous movie model, the smart gentleman and the wealthy elderly woman all feature in this fun game. Royal Vegas Casino's double feature bonus game even gives you to pick from a whole host of vintage movie posters, which have been lovingly recreated for the game, to see if you can win some extra money hidden behind one.

But maybe the real reason we're romanticising this era is because it's so easy to fall in love with. The glitz and glamour of flapper girls and gentlemen in smart suits and bowties is something so beautiful it would be a shame if it didn't continue for generations to come.


Discover The Story Behind Wedding Rings

photo via Morguefile

Wedding rings symbolise different things to different people. What a wedding ring means to one person could mean something completely different to another. However, there is an underlying and historical symbol behind the ring which has been accepted globally. Whether you are religious or not, wedding rings represent an outward symbol of your love and commitment to the other person.

You may be on the lookout for a stunning ring to show that special someone you want to commit and spend the rest of your lives together. If that’s the case, there are plenty of beautiful wedding rings in Melbourne from Simon West Jewellery. You will find a selection of bespoke and handmade engagement rings for your fiancé. Choose from unique designs that reflect your love and individuality.

Wearing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is common in the majority of western cultures. It has been a long-standing tradition, so much so the fourth finger has now become known as the ‘ring finger’. But where did it all start? Like everything, there is a history which explains the reason behind how it came to be as it is. This article will explore what wedding rings stand for and why they are worn on the left hand.

What do wedding rings symbolise? 

Many people know wedding rings are a priceless sentiment of lifelong love. Even though it is a worldwide symbol of love, no one is ever sure of how the tradition originated. Some think it dates back to roughly 4800 years ago in Egypt when the first wedding rings were exchanged. In Ancient Egypt, it was popular for women to adorn their fingers with reeds, papyrus, and more as decoration.

To the Egyptians, the circle shape symbolises eternity. A circle, after all, has no start or no end. This was also a significant meaning to many other cultures too. The space within the circle also stood for something important. It pointed towards an opening that led to new things. So if a man was to give his love a ring, it would be a symbol of their endless and indestructible love.

The ring giving practice was also accepted and widely practiced by the Romans who instead used it to represent ownership. When a man gave his love a ring, it would show others he had ‘claimed’ the woman. The rings would be made with iron and represent a strong and permanent love.
Photo via Morguefile

Moving forward in time, the early Christians would use the wedding ring in marriage ceremonies. By the 13th century, rings were simple and represented the ‘union of two hearts’.

If you are a hopeless romantic looking for your symbol of eternal love and commitment, there’s a beautiful selection of rings at Simons West. In fact, when searching for wedding bands for women, Melbourne boasts a strong collection. But if you want a reputable brand, Simon West is a great place to go.

When it comes down to the finger it is worn on, there is significance behind it. Despite the ring finger changing throughout history, the fourth finger on the left hand has become the permanent ‘ring finger’. How did this originate however?

Why the left hand?

In Roman times, the wedding ring was always placed on the left hand because it was believed there was a vein on that particular finger. It was often known as the ‘Vein of Love’ as it was thought to be connected directly to the heart. Even though scientists have proved this is not the case, some people still choose to believe it.

Looking for new jewlery for my double helix peircing

As someone who loves body piercings I am always after fun new jewellery at good prices. Recently I just had my double helix piercing done so once it reaches the three month mark I will be replacing the original barbells with something more fun.

I really like to wear captive bead rings in helix piercings and because they are so close together I think it would be cute to get the same jewellery for both holes. I really like this 4mm Diamond Pave Ball 14K White Gold Captive Bead Ring from Fresh Trends. It is pretty but also sparkly which are both plusses in my book. I can’t stand boring piercings or plain steel bars so anything with a bit of bling is always a good thing.

FYI I currently have 11 piercings and I find it so hard to find nice jewellery. I will probably also be looking for a new tragus jewellery and a new belly bar. I find my belly bars all eventually fall off so it is definitely a good thing to keep some spares on hand! Will put some pics up of my jewellery once I have reached the three month mark!

Beginner’s guide to creating your first flower crown

A floral crown is the perfect accessory this summer – or for weddings, outdoor parties, festivals, events, you name it! And it’s not even too hard (or expensive) to make one.
With a bit of imagination, tools, lovely flowers, and this guide, I’ll show you how easy it is to create your very own flower crown!
What you’ll need:
·      Scissors and garden shears
·      A 30- to 35- inch grapevine strand
·      4-6 feet of florist wire
·      Your most important consideration, of course, are the flowers you’ll use. You can either use cheap faux flowers from outlets or better yet, try fresh flowers. Not only does it smell lovely, no faux flower can replicate the natural beauty of living flowers. The real thing is better anyway, don’t you think? *wink* *wink*. If you have no garden or way to get them garden-fresh, then have it delivered straight at your door step by ordering flowers online. Sites like make flower deliveries in Brisbane and other cities.
·      Imagination. These steps serve as your down-to-earth guide to creating your very own, personalized flower crown, but do remember to have fun and improvise as you go. There’s no better reward than seeing the end result of your own work. Have fun!

Step 1

Gather 2-3 small sprigs of fresh greenery, cut excess leaves and stem till they are no longer than 4-5 inches. Using the grapevine, press the band together with your thumb and index finger. Start molding your crown by wrapping the florist wire through the band to secure.

 Step 2
Add the flower to the base of the greenery, carefully covering the wrapped wire with the petal and enfolding it into the strand. I used white flowers because I’m tasked by the bride to create one. 99 more crowns to go after this one.

Step 3
Pinch the band together and start securing the flower to the bundle using florist wire. Wrap them together in a downward spiral motion, three to four times around the stem will do. Be careful not to overly squish the stem as this could cause the flower to lose moisture quickly.

Step 4
Add more greenery and bunch it together by wrapping the stem to the strand using florist wire. Add sparingly so that you don’t overwhelm the flowers. Continue adding flowers one by one and wrapping them to the band in your desired pattern.

Step 5
Once you’re finished creating a chain that is about 28-30 inches long, pull the end of the strand to form a circlet. Secure the end about halfway through the chain by wrapping the two together using a piece of florist wire, carefully covering the wire with greenery.

And you’re done! Once you have connected the whole circle, the crown should look like this! You now have a beautiful piece of hair accessory for your next event.

Remember to use real flowers over fake ones because not only will it look a heck of a lot better, but using the real thing ensures a more authentic vibe that will match your outfit.

Do tell us how your spree went!

The Right Look for Homecoming Queen Hopefuls

The big homecoming night is coming up and you’ve undoubtedly been busy getting ready for it. If you’re looking to outshine the other girls at the dance and be homecoming queen, you’ll have to do something absolutely special, unique, and stylish with your dress. Luckily there are plenty of options out there for you. You’ll need to scour them carefully to get an outfit that suits you perfectly and outshines all the others at the ball. If you don’t absolutely glean your choices, then you’re not going to find anything unique enough to stand out. So if you’re not the type to make the dressed down look work, here is a range of styles you can explore which will help give you the edge you’ll need to compete with the other homecoming hopefuls.

The two piece looks
The two piece look is undeniably all the rage for 2016 because it is such a wonderfully customizable outfit. This makes it perfect for those of you who would rather opt for a unique homecoming dresses this year. They come in long and short silhouettes and will compliment you whether you are looking for something sexy, sophisticated, or both. Explore options of crop tops that are embroidered, beaded, printed, plain, or a combination of these in matching or contrasting colors which will really make your style and flair pop.

High-low homecoming dresses
These are perfect for those who want to show off a bit of leg, or at the very least, those who want to show off their shoes. High-low homecoming dresses come in a range of styles and colors. They offer comfort for ladies who need room to walk and are perfect for medium height girls.  For those of you who are slightly taller, but just know you would look great in this type of dress, you may need to make some slight alterations to the dress’ length once you’ve bought it to avoid any embarrassing viewpoints or discomfort.

Plus sized homecoming dresses
You don’t need to be sickly and tiny to look amazing in a homecoming dress. Celebrate your natural and beautiful curves by investing in a plus size homecoming dress instead of putting yourself under the pressure of unrealistic and unnecessary weight goals. If you’re worried that your body type doesn’t allow you to take full advantage of your style at homecoming, it’s time to stop thinking so small. There is a wide range of plus sized dresses available on the market, designed by world class leaders in fashion, in many different styles, colors, and patterns.

Short homecoming dresses
True, they might not be for everyone, and your parents may not agree, but short homecoming dresses are sexy, stylish, sophisticated, and all the rage this season. Let your best features show themselves off in designs from Sherri Hill and Tiffany. Their gowns are designed to hug your body and keep heads turning. With the right sense of style and accessory combination, this look can create an aura of feminine majesty around you. If there is one time in your life where it is acceptable to tastefully show your features, it would be homecoming night.

This is a good starting point to making your individuality shine through in your sense of style.

Each type of gown available for you to choose from comes in an array of styles, designs, colors, and fits. They can be strapless, A-line, V-neck, beaded, printed; the options are limitless which is great when you consider the amount of room this gives you to tweak your outfit and give it a unique quality that really expresses who you are. Being homecoming queen is not just about who has the prettiest or most expensive dress on. The hallmark of great style is the ability to choose an outfit that compliments you as a person and displays both your physical beauty and your personality.