Vintage finds that only collectors know about

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Nothing helps a space or outfit feel unique better than vintage items. You can keep them as they are or renovate them to give them a different feel and chances are that you will be the only one with something like it! Whilst vintage is really popular at the moment, most people don’t really know what they should be looking for. If you’re interested in vintage furniture, there are lots of items out there that are worth a lot more than people realise, here are some of them:

Sewing Machines

In the latest series of the “Great British Sewing Bee” contestants were challenged to create garments using a vintage Singer sewing machine. Without the fancy stitch settings that modern machines can offer their users, the contestants initially struggled to get to grips with the machines their grandmother’s would have owned. After a while though, they began to appreciate the machines as a piece of history. And they aren’t the only ones, there are even museums dedicated to vintage sewing machines! New machines can cost a small fortune, yet the originals can often be found for a lot less at sales as people assume that old means worthless. However, it’s important to remember when you’re rummaging in fairs or second-hand sales, that these machines will often be kept in a box rather than displayed, so don’t be afraid to ask what’s inside!

Vintage Poker Chips

As more of us are choosing to play poker online, few of us are familiar with the value and prestige of vintage chips. With sites such as, offering the opportunity for us to play our favourite games online wherever or whenever we want, this means that we’re more unlikely to visit a land-based casino and hold chips of our own. Yet vintage poker chips are collector’s items!  Those who are familiar with poker and the world of casinos may be aware of this, but most of us don’t realise the value of the chips that may be part of their own personal collection and so sell them in garage sales without knowing how much they can be worth to an expert in all things vintage. The key is to have a good rummage in shops, and second-hand sales so you don’t miss out on these gems.

Interesting Door Knobs

Brian Cairns, a former builder, is set to become a multi-millionaire after purchasing a 12-tonne collection of brass fittings, that included some vintage door knobs. He decided to have them valued and was surprised to learn that the handles were worth between £150-200 and given the amount he had purchased, this added up to a staggering £2 million. Monetary value aside though, collectors find that vintage handles often have more intricate designs and can easily transform a door. They are easy to change over and yet people often don’t consider the variety of handles available, for chests of drawers or doors, changing the handles can mean your piece stands out from the rest.

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