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Thinking of Spring

With Spring just around the corner for us southern-hemisphere people, it’s that time of year to start planning not only a Spring clean but also a Spring wardrobe.

Lucky for us the northern-hemisphere tends to have some awesome sales this time of year on just the things we might need. I recently came across and was surprised at just how awesome the sale prices were.
Some of my picks for my Spring (sale) wardrobe include the following items.

1.       Safari dress (pic)
How cute is this dress! Perfect for weekend casual or dress it up for work. I love the khaki style and vivid print.

2.        Boho floral dress
There is nothing I love more than a cute floral dress. Looks great throughout the year, just change from wearing sandals to wearing boots.

3.      Quilt cardigan
The perfect item to throw on when the weather decides to be cooler than usual. A great thing to keep at work for the days when you are just not sure to layer or not to layer.

4.       Samantha denim jacket
Nothing says Spring like a denim jacket. Enough said.

5.       Chambray striped maxi skirt
My favourite item of clothing for the warmer months is always a maxi skirt. You can’t go wrong with this soft and casual number. A great wardrobe staple.

What are your top picks for your Spring wardrobe- tell me in the comments below!

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