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Beginner’s guide to creating your first flower crown

A floral crown is the perfect accessory this summer – or for weddings, outdoor parties, festivals, events, you name it! And it’s not even too hard (or expensive) to make one.
With a bit of imagination, tools, lovely flowers, and this guide, I’ll show you how easy it is to create your very own flower crown!
What you’ll need:
·      Scissors and garden shears
·      A 30- to 35- inch grapevine strand
·      4-6 feet of florist wire
·      Your most important consideration, of course, are the flowers you’ll use. You can either use cheap faux flowers from outlets or better yet, try fresh flowers. Not only does it smell lovely, no faux flower can replicate the natural beauty of living flowers. The real thing is better anyway, don’t you think? *wink* *wink*. If you have no garden or way to get them garden-fresh, then have it delivered straight at your door step by ordering flowers online. Sites like make flower deliveries in Brisbane and other cities.
·      Imagination. These steps serve as your down-to-earth guide to creating your very own, personalized flower crown, but do remember to have fun and improvise as you go. There’s no better reward than seeing the end result of your own work. Have fun!

Step 1

Gather 2-3 small sprigs of fresh greenery, cut excess leaves and stem till they are no longer than 4-5 inches. Using the grapevine, press the band together with your thumb and index finger. Start molding your crown by wrapping the florist wire through the band to secure.

 Step 2
Add the flower to the base of the greenery, carefully covering the wrapped wire with the petal and enfolding it into the strand. I used white flowers because I’m tasked by the bride to create one. 99 more crowns to go after this one.

Step 3
Pinch the band together and start securing the flower to the bundle using florist wire. Wrap them together in a downward spiral motion, three to four times around the stem will do. Be careful not to overly squish the stem as this could cause the flower to lose moisture quickly.

Step 4
Add more greenery and bunch it together by wrapping the stem to the strand using florist wire. Add sparingly so that you don’t overwhelm the flowers. Continue adding flowers one by one and wrapping them to the band in your desired pattern.

Step 5
Once you’re finished creating a chain that is about 28-30 inches long, pull the end of the strand to form a circlet. Secure the end about halfway through the chain by wrapping the two together using a piece of florist wire, carefully covering the wire with greenery.

And you’re done! Once you have connected the whole circle, the crown should look like this! You now have a beautiful piece of hair accessory for your next event.

Remember to use real flowers over fake ones because not only will it look a heck of a lot better, but using the real thing ensures a more authentic vibe that will match your outfit.

Do tell us how your spree went!

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