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UK Engagement Rings: How Important is it to ‘Put a Ring on it?’

If you’re ready to propose, you must know your partner well and understand what’s important to her. If you’re commitment-ready, you’re thinking of two big things which will have starring roles in the memory scrapbook: the engagement ring and the proposal. An engagement does not have the legal binding of a marriage certificate, but holds an immeasurable emotional and symbolic impact for many couples.

Hidden Camera

Let’s start with the statement proposal. Consider the “Hidden Camera” option. It’s potentially low-key. Ask a very good (and very discrete) friend to assist you. Once you’ve perused UK engagement rings and chosen one for your (hopeful) betrothed, choose a place or location to propose. Position your friend/camera-person/video-person at a great viewing advantage, but out of sight. You make your private proposal, and the camera person emerge only at the “yes” and continue to film.

Shared Passion

If you share a particular passion, it can be a conduit to the proposal. This can be as “obvious” as a football game (but, for all that is good-and-holy, do not make any public announcements, ask to appear on the stadium’s giant screen, or run onto the field at half-time) or at a concert, or, as simple as taking the dog(s) on a play date. Whatever you choose, make it about the two of you. Grab a quiet minute amongst the fray and ask.

Grand Gesture

A grand gesture proposal is designed for a very specific type of couple, and a very specific type of (potential) fiancé. You better not be proposing at all if you don’t know that she will absolutely love this proposal.  Grand gestures can be made under the guise of celebrating something: a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, a graduation. Some possible ideas: a hot-air balloon or a helicopter ride, getting a reservation at a famous restaurant, a special country picnic or rooftop wine tasting.

Flyaway Holiday

If you have the funds, you have the world at your feet. Look for the most romantic locations you can think of, whether it be the tropical climes of Hawaii or Fiji or Tahiti, or European sensibilities, like Paris in the spring time or North America, like Los Angeles on a summer night. If you’re adventurous, you can parasail, scuba, or ride horses on a scenic trail. You can go to rock n’ roll camp or drive race-cars on a closed circuit. Look at it this way: if she says “yes,” you’ll have quite a story to share. If she says “no,” then you at least had a lot of fun getting to that point.

For the proposal, there are things to keep in mind.

New Please

This doesn’t mean don’t buy a vintage ring, it means: do not offer her a ring you used to propose to an ex. Period. She may say she doesn’t mind, but she might, later. Just wait. You can use a family heirloom, but if its dated in a way that it’s not cool (some rings of the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s and early 1990s really “scream” out the era they were designed), you can discuss, with your jeweller, alternatives, and ways to use the family piece, but create a new and meaningful piece of jewellery.

Reverse Psychology

If you want to propose, and can do so after careful thought (and research, and shopping), then by all means, do propose. Do not wait for her to propose. As they say, man up.

Catch My Breath

Do not expect an immediate answer, and if she doesn’t say “yes” right away, let her catch her breath. You may have known about this for weeks, but she has not. She should be appropriately pleased, but if she hesitates, don’t stomp off and assume it is a resounding “no.” She may just need time for the proverbial “mulling it over.” You want your girlfriend to fiancé to wife to be thoughtful when decision making, right? So give her a flippin’ moment.

So Social

Propose in person. It can’t be said more simply. Don’t propose over the phone, in an email or text message, or in a video or on your favourite social media. Just to reiterate: propose in person.

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