Looking for new jewlery for my double helix peircing

As someone who loves body piercings I am always after fun new jewellery at good prices. Recently I just had my double helix piercing done so once it reaches the three month mark I will be replacing the original barbells with something more fun.

I really like to wear captive bead rings in helix piercings and because they are so close together I think it would be cute to get the same jewellery for both holes. I really like this 4mm Diamond Pave Ball 14K White Gold Captive Bead Ring from Fresh Trends. It is pretty but also sparkly which are both plusses in my book. I can’t stand boring piercings or plain steel bars so anything with a bit of bling is always a good thing.

FYI I currently have 11 piercings and I find it so hard to find nice jewellery. I will probably also be looking for a new tragus jewellery and a new belly bar. I find my belly bars all eventually fall off so it is definitely a good thing to keep some spares on hand! Will put some pics up of my jewellery once I have reached the three month mark!

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