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Discover The Story Behind Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings symbolise different things to different people. What a wedding ring means to one person could mean something completely different to another. However, there is an underlying and historical symbol behind the ring which has been accepted globally. Whether you are religious or not, wedding rings represent an outward symbol of your love and commitment to the other person.

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Wearing the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is common in the majority of western cultures. It has been a long-standing tradition, so much so the fourth finger has now become known as the ‘ring finger’. But where did it all start? Like everything, there is a history which explains the reason behind how it came to be as it is. This article will explore what wedding rings stand for and why they are worn on the left hand.

What do wedding rings symbolise? 

Many people know wedding rings are a priceless sentiment of lifelong love. Even though it is a worldwide symbol of love, no one is ever sure of how the tradition originated. Some think it dates back to roughly 4800 years ago in Egypt when the first wedding rings were exchanged. In Ancient Egypt, it was popular for women to adorn their fingers with reeds, papyrus, and more as decoration.

To the Egyptians, the circle shape symbolises eternity. A circle, after all, has no start or no end. This was also a significant meaning to many other cultures too. The space within the circle also stood for something important. It pointed towards an opening that led to new things. So if a man was to give his love a ring, it would be a symbol of their endless and indestructible love.

The ring giving practice was also accepted and widely practiced by the Romans who instead used it to represent ownership. When a man gave his love a ring, it would show others he had ‘claimed’ the woman. The rings would be made with iron and represent a strong and permanent love.
Photo via Morguefile

Moving forward in time, the early Christians would use the wedding ring in marriage ceremonies. By the 13th century, rings were simple and represented the ‘union of two hearts’.

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When it comes down to the finger it is worn on, there is significance behind it. Despite the ring finger changing throughout history, the fourth finger on the left hand has become the permanent ‘ring finger’. How did this originate however?

Why the left hand?

In Roman times, the wedding ring was always placed on the left hand because it was believed there was a vein on that particular finger. It was often known as the ‘Vein of Love’ as it was thought to be connected directly to the heart. Even though scientists have proved this is not the case, some people still choose to believe it.

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