3 Easy Outfits For Those Days You Just Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

Getting out of bed in the mornings is the worst, am I right? It seems there are just not enough incentives in the world to make waking up in the morning just a little bit okay. But alas, although nobody really wants to, we all have to get out of bed at some point. And then we have to get dressed and prepare for the day – no matter what it brings. Sometimes picking out an outfit is much more stress inducing than we’d like to let on. Am I in the mood for a sundress or a romper? Do I like this colour on me today? Flats or wedges? The questions, in conjunction with the possibilities, are endless. And the multitude of options and indecisions make for quite the hectic morning.

That’s why I’m here today. I hate getting out of bed just as much as the next girl, so I know the struggle that comes with choosing an outfit when the last thing you want to do is get dressed. Luckily, there are quite a few fashions out there that are early-morning friendly, yet look like you spent hours deliberating. Below are three no-fuss outfits that are just as easy as they are stylish; refer to this list the next time you’re having a mind block about what to wear. And thank me later!

1.The No-Hassle Dress

Cosmo said it, not me: “Get a work uniform and be done with it. A shift dress is the easiest thing in the world.” Although I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree. Not only do shift dresses look put-together and polished, but they leave extra room for those days that you’re feeling extra hungry or not-so glamourous. Either way, a dress is a simple on-and-off item that will work wonders for your fashion reputation even while you’re sleeping at the conference table.

2. The Romper

Rompers come in at a close second for easiest garment to wear – just behind dresses, of course. The only thing that make rompers just a tad more complicated is the whole undressing part when you need to use the toilet. Other than that, though, these one-piece wonders are perfect for an easy outfit that packs a lot of personality. Rompers come available in all kinds of styles, so one is sure to suit your fancy. If you need assistance, this article helpfully gathered a gamut of rompers for every occasion.

3. Skirt & Hat Combo

Play up the girlishness and trick everyone into thinking you tried with your outfit. A skirt automatically gives the impression that you’re putting in extra effort, and top your greasy hair with a chic hat, and you’ve really got them fooled! There’s no sense in doing your hair when you’ll likely just replenish your bedhead as soon as you return home. Try a trendy, yet comfortable, skirt option like a flirty floral piece, and offset the feminine vibe with a cool Western wide-brim topper. Plenty of inspiration can be found in the lists this website compiles for confused, comfort-conscious shoppers like us.

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