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Reasons for loving

I recently came across this really cool website that connects buyers and sellers in a completely new way.

The cool thing about the website called Pitchi is that it focuses on buyers who sell new or repurposed vintage items. Two things I am pretty passionate about- vintage and repurposing!

Basically Pitchi s an innovative online video selling platform, designed to help people sell and buy online in the most personal, engaging and interactive way.

The video below shows one of the independent designers promoting her beautiful handcrafted rugs.

It’s a really great way for new designers to get themselves seen and heard within the online world and a great way for buyers to find unique items. Not only this, it also allows the buyer to see why the seller is so passionate and creates a connection between buyer and seller like never seen before.

This innovative tool is a great way for sellers to communicate with their buyers, kind of like having a real brick and mortar store but without the cost!

Pitchi exists as a platform for young businesses or anyone with an entrepreneurial dream to sell their products to a mass audience at no cost.

So whether you are an indie designer wanting to be seen, a buyer looking for cool gifts for friends or even an established online seller, there is something in Pitchi for everyone!

And just because I can, here is another one of my favourites: 

As some one who also designs and sells things online I am thinking about getting on the Pitchi bandwagon- will you come join me?


My Top Favourite Sandals From

As an Australian it is part of our culture to wear “thongs” or what the US call flip-flops or sometimes sandals. Living in a relatively hot country these shoes are a must have summer essential item.

Some of my favorites from include the following:

Similar to Haviana’s these lovely sandals (or thongs!) look like something you could wear casually to a picnic or down to the shops. Sometimes there is nothing more comfortable then basic flat sandals. I like them in green.

For the fashion go-getters these sparkly sandals will suit numerous occasions from the beach to a class at uni. Definitely for the girly girl who loves a little sparkle in her life.

Another stylish option these leather sandals feature a funky animal print strap and look super comfy. I am a big fan of animal print when worn correctly and it pretty much always looks great in shoes.

Another must have item in Australia is boots! Long, calf-length or ankle – boots can be worn with most outfits and are so much fun to wear in the cooler months. I always recommend a pair of boots in knee length, ankle and combat. I love my doc martens combat boots as they are great for rainy weather too!

I recommend checking out the Arabian Braid. These are a good colour, length and style and would look amazing with jeans.