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New Year - New Body Jewellery

So it’s a New Year and this means a fresh new start and some fun new items.

On my list of things that need refreshing is my body jewellery. I am sort of getting sick of my plain and boring lime green stone belly bar and my boring pink metal rook jewellery. It’s time for something fresh, new and exciting.

For the belly bar:
This year I am really interested in trying a reverse belly bar. It’s something that is relatively new on the body Jewellery scene and looks really cool.

I am thinking of something fun like this reverse cherry dangle belly bar. It is super cute, quirky and bit fun. 

For something a bit fancier I might choose this rose non-dangle belly bar. Super simple, sophisticated and less likely to snag on clothing! Definitely a must-buy!

For the rook:
My rook is over 12 months old now so it is officially healed. I was lucky enough to never really have any issues with it which is cool. Anyway so right now I feel like it needs something pretty to celebrate its success at healing.

I have considered a captive bead ring for my rook as I have seen this on other people and it looks nice. For that I might consider this cute dangle cbr or maybe something a bit more fun like this triangle shaped cbr.

Other ideas for the rook would be to splash out on a white gold curved barbell. I’ve actually always wanted something more expensive and nice for the rook as it is my favourite piercing. Something like this curved barbell might be nice!

Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!

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