How to create a romantic, vintage mood in your home using lighting

I have many dreams of one day owning my own house. I even know exactly what I want it to look like – wooden floors, exposed bricks, high ceilings and of course, romantic lighting.

As you all know I am really into the art deco and vintage farmhouse style look, so I teamed up with Urban Lighting to choose some light fixtures that I would love to have for my own house someday.

This pendant light is art deco style to a tee. I just love this brass colored feature light. I think this would be perfect for lighting in a sitting room - I can already picture it in my head!

Seriously, if I was an industrial designer this is the sort of light I would design! The wonderful leaf design is such an amazing feature, and it looks so unique. This would definitely be a good conversation starter. Depending on your style, I think this chandelier would be equally wonderful in a bedroom or a living room.

I have officially found the lighting I want in my future home office! How perfect are these pendant lights? I love the industrial meets vintage style - perfect for my future home.

So what sort of lighting do you like best? Let me know in the comments below!

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