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The Hottest Prom Dress Styles over Time

Image by Peaches Boutique

There are certain prom dress styles that have made serious impact over the years. Of course, there seems to be different trends each year, but it’s more about the right style fitting the right figure.

To make sure you turn up to your prom wearing the hottest dress, we’ve put together a list of which styles flatter different figures. Follow it, and you’re sure to be the Belle of the ball.

Petite Figures

Small frames look sensational in short, poufy shapes. This helps to add the illusion of an hourglass curve. For great ideas, view online store at

If you’d prefer to look taller, mermaid gowns have been the way to go. They create a curvy silhouette with their dramatic hemlines and fitted bodices.

Taller Figures

Show your amazing height off with ruche dresses that will keep you looking to lanky. Micro-minis have become hot favorites and in past years high leg slits and high-low dresses have been popular choices as well.

Curvy Figures

Your curves are what make you beautiful. Show them off with a form-fitting dress, one-shoulder strap or an empire waistline that will make your waist look smaller. To keep up-to-date with this year’s hot trends, connect with Peaches Boutique on Facebook.

Apple Figures with Fuller Bust Line

Apple figures are usually “top heavy,” with wider torsos and broader shoulders. Some of the hottest prom styles draw attention away from the waist and towards the bust. Therefore, choose dresses that flow from beneath the bust. A ruched or draped material that gathers and lies across the middle works well, too.

Pear-Shaped Figures

Goddess-inspired gowns have been popular choices for girls who are pear-shaped. Grecian-like gowns that have a high waist and intricate neckline will draw attention towards your upper body and away from the hips. Alternatively, voluminous layers that float over the hips with an exaggerated A-line that plays up your waist will look amazing.

Sheath Evening Gowns

Sheath evening gowns have also made it as hot trends. They’re designed to hug the body tightly and are usually unbelted with a straight drape. These dresses look amazing with or without straps.

A-Line Dresses

A-line evening gowns are timeless classics. These somewhat bell-shaped gowns will fit snugly at the top and gradually widen towards the bottom, without pleating or gathering. A-line styles are simple and elegant.

Trumpet Shaped Dresses

These dresses are typically tight fitting down until mid-thigh or knees where they then flare out. While mermaid gowns hug the body to the knees and then fan out, trumpet dresses are fitted through the hips, down to mid-thighs and then dramatically flare out.

Empire Dresses

Empire shaped gowns involve the waistline coming up to just under the bust and then the skirt hangs loose and straight. It’s a light, breezy style.

The Dropped Waist

With these dresses, the waistline is dropped just below the waist and the skirts are either flared or fitted.

Princess Gowns

Princess gowns are also classics. This style is tight and cut in single pieces, hanging in unbroken lines from the shoulder all the way to the flared hem.

Use this list to help you choose one of the hottest prom style dresses.

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