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Unique Cuts of Diamonds That Add Fire

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Diamonds have always fascinated humans. Originating from the depths of the earth, the stone is born from a mixture of minerals and molten lava as it rises to the top. Diamond cuts however didn’t start to come into the scene until later in 1866, originating from South Africa.

Ever since that day, the cut of a diamond has been considered to make a big change to its overall beauty and value. Some experts would even say it is the most important element of all the four C’s (clarity, colour, carat and cut). Why is this? Because the shape of the diamond (its cut) can bring to life the shine of the stone due to how it reflects the light. This element will give your diamond ring the fire you crave!

Hunting down a ring with the perfect cut is easier than you think. When looking for unique engagement rings collection in Sydney for example, Delphi Diamonds have a range of diamond cuts.  We have handpicked the best cuts that provide the most sparkle so when you begin searching, you know exactly what to look for.

Radiant cut

The radiant cut as you may have guessed is a combination of the round and square shaped cuts. In effect, you get the best of both worlds as the bright fire and life within the round mixes with the neat, clipped edges of the square. The radiant diamond ring seeks to combine the best characteristics in the round and emerald cut for a shape that’s unlike any other.

These become a popular choice for engagement rings because they really don’t need to have to big carat weight to produce that ‘wow’ effect. This cut has become known to possess a strong fire and because it’s usually deeper than other cuts, the base of the diamond (its facets) increases thus exaggerating the radiance and fire in its shine. 

Princess cut diamond

This shape is very similar to the radiant cut and is the second most popular diamond after round brilliant. Known for its rectangular shape, it also becomes a beautiful choice for a striking engagement ring with a similar fire to the radiant cut.

The trillion cut

This triangle shaped diamond is made up of 3 sides of equal measurements and can either come in a solitaire or accent shape. This unusual shape is also known for showcasing a fiery flash and really being a stand-out cut which adds great depth to the stone. The great thing about trillion cuts is that they also make great side stones for wedding rings as they complement the main diamond beautifully.

Round brilliant

Hands down, still the most popular ring on the engagement market today. No wonder why with its classic beauty and shine. Its facets are not as high as the radiant cut (usually around 57) therefore the base is not as big but the round brilliant carries a shape that maximises sparkle.

These cuts can make for beautiful engagement rings due to their intense fire and shine. Looking out for these cuts next time you go ring shopping with ensure you make a choice you won’t regret.

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