Set a Budget Before You Shop for a Diamond Wedding Ring

If you or your fiancĂ© are fans of celebrity news, you probably have gotten caught up in the extensive pre- and post-wedding coverage. At the heart of each story lies the very same element  -- the diamond engagement ring. Remember that costly and ostentatious doesn’t equate true love. You need only to look at Kim Kardashian and her first husband’s million-dollar plus wedding, which included a very short time worn, but an enormous wedding ring.

Whatever traditions you adhere to, one that seems to cross cultural and economic lines is the ubiquitous diamond engagement ring. The engagement ring is a coveted visual confirmation of a couple’s love and commitment to each other. In other words, few couples get engaged, and subsequently get married, without an engagement ring.

Start looking and researching the available possibilities, and get an idea of what the price range is for diamond engagement rings. It may help you to look at the best diamond wedding rings in Melbourne at Simon West Fine Jewellery.

Don’t forget that no matter what your aesthetic preference, you must consider who will be wearing that ring. That means you must ask yourself, “What does the potential bearer of the ring enjoy?” Consider the types of jewellery she already owns – and critically – the kind of jewellery she is drawn to. It’s time to pay attention to what she admires. Depending on how you’d like to surprise her (if you want to surprise her), you may be the kind of couple who has already discussed your future together – including the most important elements (for example, to have or to not have children likely being at the top of the list). This means, should your surprise be complete (she wouldn’t be expecting it) or just the details  (when you’ll formally ask her to be your bride)?

If you already know that you are each other’s future mate, you may want to let her look at jewellery websites. For example, a great place to start is to show her some perfect ring designs. This way you will get an idea on what she would like to have.

And while you have no plans – or intentions of skimping when you do purchase a diamond engagement ring, The Knot offers up an article on “8 Ways to Get the Most for Your Money When Buying An Engagement Ring”.
To recap, plan ahead – start saving for a ring as soon as you realize you’re considering spending your lives together. Know your budget and have some idea of what a diamond engagement ring will cost. And, whether you’re going to opt for a complete or partial surprise when you “pop-the-question,” your next step will be to determine a proper budget.

To calculate your budget, collect records of all of your income, as well as all of your expenses. Be sure you add in the variable expenses like grocery shopping or car maintenance. Combine all your expenses and divide by 12.
Compare the income with the expenses. Hopefully, the former will be a larger number than the latter.
Most people determine what they currently have and compare appropriately; you’ll have choices of dipping into your savings, charging or using the jewellery store’s credit.  Be sure that the money you’re putting aside monthly will be enough for the ring your fiancĂ© wants and stick to it. It’s easy to waver – to use the money for something else, to be fallen with an “emergency” or be confident you’ll make the money back later – so take a deep breath and consider all actions carefully. 

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