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Interesting Facts about Fancy Colour Diamonds

Being one of the hardest and stable substances, diamonds are considered as the most precious gemstones by many people. These gemstones are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours from which one can choose as per his/her liking and budget. In the last few years, fancy colour diamonds are earning popularity due to various reasons. The most suitable reason of their popularity is that they add creativity and colour to the jewellery. Brief information about fancy colour diamonds is provided here under.



There are different types of diamonds. They can be divided into three main groups on the basis of their colour, such as the following: 

White diamonds: These diamonds are the most commonly used diamonds in the jewellery industry. It is graded from D to Z in terms of colour.

Industrial diamonds: They are produced globally in mostly brown, black and grey colours for industrial use only instead of jewellery. 

Fancy colour diamonds: These diamonds are considered the best in the diamond industry as only a small percentage of diamonds in the entire industry come under this category. These diamonds are extremely rare and are available in 27 fancy colours including blue, red, pink and green.


The grading of fancy colour diamonds in terms of their colour is a bit different from that of white diamonds. The colour grading of white diamonds ranges from D to Z in which D is used for the whitest diamonds and Z for the diamonds having most colours. Z grade is also considered as a borderline between white and fancy colour diamonds. In terms of colours, fancy colour diamonds can be divided into 9 grades. If you are looking for fancy colour diamonds for jewellery, you should understand that the pricing of fancy colour diamonds is done in ascending order starting from faint coloured diamonds to bright and dark coloured diamonds. offer the best price according to the grade of the diamond. Visit their website to see their astonishing collection.

4Cs And Fancy Colour Diamonds

Fancy colour diamonds are graded like other diamonds by using 4Cs. They consider carat, clarity, cut and colour while grading the diamond in fancy colours. But for certain colours like blue, red, pink and green, the rest of the three Cs do not affect their grading due to their rare availability.

Reputable jewellers offer diamonds with a certification from the GIA which maintains best practices for evaluating diamond quality while grading them. So, if you’re purchasing fancy colour diamonds, make sure that you’re dealing with reputable jewellers or diamond merchants.

Rarity Of Fancy Colour Diamonds 

Fancy colour diamonds look very unique as they are extremely rare and difficult to find. Though they are available in 27 different shades, some of the attractive looking diamonds of this category may contain more than one colour. On the whole, they are available in more than 200 colour combinations. As the diamonds created by remaining deep inside the earth for a long time, they get their fancy colour from the different chemicals they encounter during this period. Their exposure to radiation and nitrogen provides them green and yellow colours but boron present under the earth provides them blue colour. But, the authentic cause of yellow coloured diamonds is not known till date. 

The information provided in this write-up can help you in finding a suitable fancy colour diamond for you or your loved ones at a reasonable price. 

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