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Well here is a little bit about me...
I like cold weather even though we don't get much here is Australia. I am a typical Pisces but sometimes feel I have a little Capricorn in me too. I get angry easily and like a good argument but wear my heart on my sleeve at the same time.
My favourite colour is green- everything about green makes me happy. I think of rain forests filled with amazing wild life, Christmas trees, grass, my cat's eyes, the patchwork quilt I got when I was 12, lime cordial and the ocean.
I love vintage clothing, cute dresses and shoes. I have way too many clothes and shoes but am very thankful for what I have.
I am a vegetarian (mostly) and I love animals. I would do anything (almost!) for my family and my two babies- Bella (my cat) and Phoebe (my dog)
In my spare time I like to create things. I design cute blogs for fun, make Steampunk jewellery which I sell online at my Etsy shop or I write, paint or procrastinate. I also like to dabble in photography.

When I am stressed out I like to clean or garden. I love to read and write poetry and my favourite writers are Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson and Alfred Lord Tennyson (all of which will be quoted as blog title posts at times!)

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for the more curious reader!

1. Where does your name come from the spelling is different?
My mum decided to name my Ilana just after I was born. She was originally going to name me Cassandra. She wanted to spell my name differently to make it more unique. I am not sure where it is from but I have been told by different people that it is South African, Romanian or Anglo Saxon. I have also been told I look Romanian lol! It is pronounced IL-LAH-NA although my whole life people have called me different things so I am used to it!

2. Have you always lived in Brisbane?
No, although I was born here. I spent 6 years of my childhood in Townsville which is in North Queensland. I loved it there although it was hot and small. I would go back there if I had to though.

3. Do you dye your hair?
Yes I dye my hair all the tine. I love to change my hair style constantly as I get so bored with the same thing all the time! I have had pretty much every hair colour you can think of at one point or another!

4. How old are you?
I am 27 (born 1986).

5. What size clothing/shoes do you normally wear?
I am 5”5 or 165 cm tall. At the moment I wear size small clothing or Australian size 8-10.
Last year I lost 18 kilos, you can read about it here.

6. What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 500d (Digital Rebel T1i) and use either the crappy kit lens 18-55mm or my 50mm f 1.8 lens